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Aims & Objectives


·      Offering a place of safety for children, women and girls fleeing domestic violence, rape and sexual exploitation;

  • Collaborating with local government  to undertake and publish thematic assessments on issues like domestic violence (DV); rape & sexual exploitation, , child labour, forced marriages, poverty and child protection and discrimination.
  • Offering advocacy, counselling, psychological and therapeutic support services for the vulnerable especially women, girls and children who are victims of abuse,  and marginalisation;
  • Offering support, skill acquisition; training, and rehabilitation for victims of gender based violence, forced labour, sexual exploitation,
  • Psychological, wellbeing and counselling services for people dealing with stressful and depressing life changing  circumstance for example infertility; miscarriages; marital breakdown; unemployment, poverty, separation and loss, natural disasters and addictions


·         To educate the young girls to adopt and create positive sexual behaviour at adolescent .We believe that when a girl child is aware of the sexuality of her body, it stands as a guide to her life.

·         Empower women and the girl child by impacting necessary skills that will make them independent The organization believes that when women are empowered then they can truly contribute to their household income and decision-making, on issues of food, goods, property, children's education, healthcare and debt management

·         Donating books and other instructional materials to promote a good reading culture among rural pupils. In order to promote good reading culture among pupils in the rural areas, the organizations work with interested families in the urban areas who donate used books and other instructional material as a support for this course.

·    To protect Children from all forms of exploitation and vices. Our organization works with local law enforcement agencies to detect, combat and suppress/ eliminate trafficking in women, girls and children and sexual exploitation in all its form;